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It is with much sadness in our hearts that we inform you that our guitarist founder/member Rui Ramos aka Rui Rocker has lost his battle with cancer and passed away at 49 in his home last November the 9th.We would like to thank all who sent messages and posted on the several site and pages on line and also to the bands and folk who organized and played at his benefit gig to homage his life and legacy.Rui was a true Punk pioneer in Portugal first with Shoque in 1978 then in 1979 with Crise(Who later became Crise Total when I joined in 1983),over the years he also played in Profilaxia,Rolls Rockers,Feijao Freud,etc...Recently along with Crise Total he also founded female fronted Asfixia(not to be confused with Spain's grindsters of the same name).He will be sorely missed.I leave you with his favorite slogan.


воскресенье, 11 августа 2013 г.

Rencor - Miserables (2013)

Rencor es un proyecto de grindcore con muchos tintes de distintos géneros (powerviolence, death metal, hardcore...)realizado por Antonio Acién (voz, bajo, programación) y Rubén Gutiérrez (guitarra) tras el cese de la actividad de su anterior grupo, Necrosed.

вторник, 30 июля 2013 г.

четверг, 4 июля 2013 г.

New Release of Evil Punk Records - Аnneliese Мichel - The morning of a new day (2013)

Hi friends!!! Evil Punk Records presents for your attention our new seventeenth release... and this is the band from Udmurtia, Glazov city, that is in the western part of the Middle Urals... So, Аnneliese Мichel - The morning of a new day (2013). Me and Alisa toiled again and made fucking great envelopes from that carton, but a little different... in this envelope, of course, cd-r and lyrics... Edition 30 copies...
And a little history of the band from this guys:

We have gathered in the cold January of 2012. Initially, band include next members: Zelenyi (drums), Kashtan (bass), Antik (guitar) and Clueshka (voice). Anntik was writting music, words - Clueshka. During one of the first rehearsals we have made video for the song "Freedom", which happened to notice one of our friend and he invited us to concert in Kirov, for opening for screamo team Namatjira. After the concert, our rehearsals have become much rarer, it was caused by the fact that Clueshka was in Izhevsk and couldn't come to Glazov every week. After the concert in March, when in Glazov were passing BF-6, Clueshka left the band. Kashtan and Antik become vokal, and it was decided to rewrite all the lyrics, that anyone was not insulting:) In this line up we play till this time. For this year we recorded album and a little EP. In our music we trying to combine different music styles (neocrust, postmetall, screamo, punk), texts affect both social and mystical and post-apocalyptic themes. All members adhere to the antifascist and antiauthoritarian views.


четверг, 20 июня 2013 г.

New Release of Evil Punk Records - BEDA - Let The World Crumbles To Ashes... (Raw Noise EP 2013)

Hi!!! Maybe you have already saw, but guys have coped with this cassette release long ago, by the way thanx them very much for that)) And we are coped with cd just now...
The sixteenth release of our micro episodic turbid label, BEDA - "Let the World Crumbles to Ashes" Raw Noise EP 2013... And again it is hellish hand-made cardboard envelope tied fucking wonderful household rope... Inside there is insert with information, infernal photos and texts in Russian and English languages, a little flyer or placard with art by Kesha, (thank's also him for that)... and as a small masterstroke of this composition, you will find a little sticker... Oh, and of course CD-R, wich is not fucking pro, but I like it...=) So... actually photos attached...
And by the way, we have only 30 copies...)
Привет!!! В общем ребята то уже давно справились с этим кассетным релизом, за что, кстати, огромное им спасибо, а мы вот с болваночками только сейчас разобрались...
Шестнадцатый релиз от нашего микро эпизодического мутноватого лэйблика, BEDA - "Let the World Crumbles to Ashes" Raw Noise EP 2013... А собой он представляет сново адский хэнд мэйд картонный конверт, связанный охуительной хозяйственной верёвочкой, внутри которого вкладка с информацией, адским фото и текстами на русском и соответственно на английском языках, небольшенький такой то ли флаерок, то ли плакатик с рисунком от Кеши, за что так же выражаю ему благодарность, и в качестве небольшего штришка в довершение сей так сказать композиции, вас ждёт небольшой стикер... Ах да, ну и конечно сама болванка, которая ни хуя не про, но мне нравится...=) Собственно фото прилагаются....
Тираж 30 штук...

вторник, 16 апреля 2013 г.

New single/30years of Total Crisis Tour (continuation)

Brothers and sisters in arms,as part of this years continued celebrations of our 30th anniversary as a band,subversive entity and deep thorn stuck in the enemy's back side and among the daily gring that has become our lives it is with pleasure that we announce the 2nd leg of our 30 years of Total Crisis Tour(30 Anos de Crise Total Tour 1983-2013)this time focusing on the release of a 7" vinyl single,our humble contribution to the wider fight against those on the other side of the barricades.We'll be presenting it with 3 gigs in June(see poster for details),the single it self is already for orders from http://www.rastilho.com who we can't thank enough for releasing it and we are proud to associate ourselves with knowing of their humble D.I.Y. beginnings,now more and more becoming and making a name for themselves in the wider underground,alternative scenes.

суббота, 30 марта 2013 г.

NEWS on rawmantic disasters records 6 killer releases out on april 1st !!!

 Rawmantic Disasters Records proudly presents:

RAW 010 DISCOVER "crimes of humanity" "12 

Discover from gothenburg/sweden play blistering dis-noise crasher raw punk in the vein of disclose and the likes. 11 brutal earbleeding tracks incl. "fight back" (discharge). this is the vinyl version of their excellent demo tape on black konflikt records 2006!!! with members of giftgasattack!!! includes a poster in "12 size!!! first 50 copies including the "food for the warmachine" ep (at rawmantics mailorder only). co-release with phobia records and aktiver ausstand records!!! limited edition of 300 copies.

RAW 011 FRIHET/HONNOR SS "scandinavian death dealers" "12

both bands hail from sweden, what else? frihet plays brutal scandi hardcore with deep vocals, absolutly headcracking hardcore punk in the scandinavian way. honnor ss plays classic oldschool sweden hardcore. their best material so far after the brilliant ep! co-release with aktiver ausstand records. limited edition of 300 copies.

RAW 014 DISKONTO "diskontinued" "12

fantastic final d-takt thrash assault by the masters themselves. diskonto released shitlots of records in the past with not one single bad release, all killers. with this 9 track attack they present us their final recordings which continue with their classic scandi thrash style ala mob 47, massgrav, slaktrens etc etc etc.!!! swedish classic oldschool hardcore, that we all love. limited edititon of 400 copies in white vinyl, 100 copies in purple vinyl (mailorder only, 3 copies maximum! and/or at the band only). 

RAW 015 DISWAR "sounds of war" "12

spanish discharge worshipping with a release which is so clichee in music style, cover artwork and everything left, u can't beat. a rawmantic homage to the masters from the past. 11 tracks classic d-beat raw punk. with bothsided inlay!!! co-release with 3 other labels. limited edition of 300 copies.

RAW 016 ANGRY MOB "the genocide continues" "12

angry mob hail from spain with members of violent headache, disputa etc etc etc. superb straight forward noisy d-beat hardcore, primitive, noisy, loud and fucking angry!!! this is their fantastic demo tape from 1996 which now is avaiable on vinyl for the first time. finally this band get what it deserves, great release!!! limited edition of 300 copies.


this one is an absolute killer release. finally warvictims with new recordings from 2012, their best material after shitlots of releases.swedish dis-noise with members of paranoid, electric funeral, brottskod 11, giftgasattack, human waste etc etc etc. last years minitour in germany was the first and probably last time to watch them live, it was a blast!!! dropend hail from japan and play typical noisy d-bet crasher crust thrash. fantastic earbleeding noisecore. their best material after the demo/"7 ep. this release comes in two different cover designs, both including picture innersleeve. co-release with the best swedish label at the moment dtakt and rapunk!!! 500 copies in black vinyl, 200 copies in silver vinyl (mailorder only or at the bands). limited edtion of 700 copies all in all! 

You can find all informations on the blog...

пятница, 22 марта 2013 г.

Ungovernable Resistance 2013 Compilation!!!

Ungovernable Resistance 2013 Compilation Volume 1

[Various Artists] [International]

 100% DIY/Free/Non Profit. All music submitted with consent of the bands.

[Beatdown HC] [Crust] [HC Punk] [Anarcho Punk] [Grind] [D-Beat] [Folk Punk] [Metallic HC] [Blackened Crust] [Power Violence]


1. Detain - No Escape (2:00)
2. Drowning - 13 families ft Tito Fury (2:33)
3. Snakes - Thin The Herd (1:22)
4. B1B - toxic human plague (1:25)
5. Disease - Alone,we die... (2:08)
6. Bring To Ruin-death reign (2:16)
7. Dredd - Street Justice (0:42)
8. Scumdogs - La confusión del rebaño (1:25)
9. Wagars - Musu saknes mit pazeme (2:50)
10. Communion of Thieves - Bottomless Execration (6:06)
11. Dis-Boikot - Dis-Boikot - After War (2:22)
12. Global Parasite - Ode To Sitchin (2:08)
13. Culto Del Cargo - Respirando la morte (1:27)
14. AÇÃO DIRETA - Sob Outros Céus (3:13)
15. 100%Dongo - Fucking police (2:24)
16. BEDA - To us not on the way... (1:30)
17. Disphux - i belive in no one but myself (1:09)
18. Livre? - Você é louco por controle ou tudo isso é simplesmente soberba (2:06)
19. Abhorrent System - Existence Is Futile (1:55)
20. Kastete - your time is now (3:11)


Ungovernable Resistance 2013 Compilaton Vol 2 (Punk/HC)

[Various Artists] [International]

 100% DIY/Free/Non Profit. All music submitted with consent of the bands.

[D-Beat] [Anarcho Punk] [HC Punk] [Folk Punk] [Blackened Crust] [Power Violence] [Crust]


         1. Power is Poison - Occupy just defy (1:42)
        2. Dårligt Selskab - JOURNALIST (2:06)
        3. Nazis Shouldnt Drive - PMA (0:54)
        4. Pass Out - Passed Out (1:14)
        5. Fucktard - Century 21 Scum (2:35)
        6. Tyber Stryke - No more shit (4:00)
        7. SevenSeven -Rage and Unity (2:38)
        8. Role Out-Just Nonsense (1:16)
        9. Floorboard George - DopeSpoke (1:19)
        10. SYSTEM SHIT - IS THIS TO BE? (1:33)
        11. Communion of Thieves - Black Earth (5:10)
        12. EXISTENCH - FORCEFED OF BEING (2:27)
        13. DRUNKTANK - PYSCHO (2:02)
        14. M.S.D.(MATE SPWAN DIE) - SICK OF YOU (2:35)
        15. Dis-Boikot - Dis-Boikot - Political Bastard (2:05)
        16. Disphux - in the name of profit (1:37)
        17. AÇÃO DIRETA - La Fiesta (2:11)
        18. Livre? - Destruir e Construir (3:15)
        19. BEDA - Deadlock (1:07)
        20. To Die - amnesia selektif (1:51)


Ungovernable Resistance 2013 Compilaton Vol 3 (Punk/HC)

[Various Artists] [International]

 100% DIY/Free/Non Profit. All music submitted with consent of the bands. 
[HC] [HC Punk] [Metallic HC] [D-Beat] [Anarcho Punk] [Crust] [UG/Political/Spiritual Hip Hop] [Folk Punk]


 1. Communion of Thieves - El Destierro (2:03)
2. Guerrilla Alliance (Macabean the Rebel & Vega X) - Architecture of a Perfect Weapon (4:10)
3. 40 oz. Folklore - Greedy Bastards (1:52)
4. Diesis-I & MataSiete - Monkey vs Drunkenfist (2:28)
5. Power is Poison - Prey upon the weak (1:29)
6. Slug - Middle East War (4:22)
7. Triangle Fire - abort the troops (3:18)
8. bring to ruin-career suicide (1:19)
9. B1B - more desolation for world domination (1:22)
10. Foreseen -Structural Oppression (4:41)
11. Detain - Locked Up (2:20)
12. Disease - Another Nuclear Age (1:21)
13. Dredd - Cursed Earth (2:12)
14. Essere - Lavoro lavoro (ma quale lavoro...) (2:29)
15. The Bristles - Gulag (1:34)
16. Animal Train - Thin the herd (0:49)
17. Power is Poison - War on the system (1:53)
18. Abhorrent System - Traitor (1:59)
19. Turncoat Collective - Hope's Couch (2:22)
20. Tyber Stryke - The stalker (3:14)


Ungovernable Resistance 2013 Compilaton Vol 4 (Punk/HC)
[Various Artists] [International]

 100% DIY/Free/Non Profit. All music submitted with consent of the bands. 
[Crust] [D-Beat] [Blackened Crust] [HC] [HC Punk] [Grind] [Anarcho Punk] [Power Violence] [Folk Punk]       


 1. Culto Del Cargo - L'era dell'uomo (2:29)
        2. Communion of Thieves - Beauty Beyond an Image (2:55)
        3. Disease - Mother Nature is dying (1:33)
        4. Abhorrent System - Racial Schism (2:44)
        5. Etilikor - te voy a reventar (1:19)
        6. Role Out-Television (1:33)
        7. Kennel - Benvenuta all'inferno (1:50)
        8. Homicide - Pesadelo (0:40)
        9. TO DIE - menuju genderang sunyi (0:19)
        10. Dis-Boikot - Political Bastard (2:05)
        11. Disphux - jeffy (1:18)
        12. Diskent - Nedrusta (0:46)
        13. Tyber Stryke - Hell's fire is waiting for you (2:12)
        14. Turncoat Collective - On the Road to Self-Recovery (2:43)
        15. Oiz II Men - Up The Anti (2:07)
        16. Kennel - La mia ultima lettera (2:02)
        17. Homicide - Inimigo Sem Causa (0:48)
        18. Culto Del Cargo - Immagina (1:40)
        19. Communion of Thieves - Innocencia Interrumptida (2:33)
        20. Etilikor - Pika pika (2:23)
        21. Fokkum - Puppet Masters (0:45)
        22. Fokkum - Slave to convention (0:57)
        23. Homicide - É Tudo Sobre a Informação (0:55)
        24. Homicide - Right You Are (Napalm Death cover) (0:50)
        25. Homicide - Esperando Para Explodir (1:18)
        26. Communion of Thieves - Pasos Libres (5:19)
        27. Communion of Thieves - The Twilight of Capitalism II (3:20)
        28. Disphux - cries of the innocent (1:03)
        29. Etilikor - cabeza de tacho (1:17)
        30. Turncoat Collective - Song For The Speechless (3:41)

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MATKA TERESA-Grinding violence Amsterdoom
PARALYZED SOCIETY-Crusty grinders Somewhere NL

пятница, 15 марта 2013 г.

New Relise Evil Punk Records - Tarantulah - "Kedamaian Jalan Hitam" (Raw Demo)

Всем Привет!!! В этот вот охуенный день наш мелкий и стрёмноватый дистро/лэйблик представляет вам хоть и не юбилейный но всё же неплохая цифра, пятнадцатый релиз в виде raw demo от группы из Малайзии Tarantulah и представляет он из себя 100% DIY hand made картонный и скрепленный скрепками... Сказать по правде весьма заебался я его делать, но надеюсь оно стоило того... Ах да, внутри вы ещё найдёте небольшой А4 плакатик, тираж лимитирован 52-мя копиями... Спасибо папе за картон и Алисе за его изгибание...=) Всем спасибо... Cheers!!! Ну и немного о самой банде конечно...

Tarantulah собрались ещё аж в 2007-году в составе Man Rabaxx (Vocals), Silentt Shoutt (Drum) и Awe Donde (guitar) в Куала-Лумпур, но в связи со всяческими проблемами с учёбой, работой и всяким таким подобным так и не записали в этом составе ни одной песни... В 2011-ом к группе присоединяются басист Rock Angel (ex Maradasutma, Night Off, Triumph Ov Fire, Lunar Moon, Heldrasil , Satanic Art) и гитарист Rusak Minda (ex Deadly Conspiracy, Sisa Toxsick) В таком составе парни начинают записывать всяческие песняки на своей домашней студии в Ампанге и Шри-Петалинге с января по май 2012-ого... В мае из за личных проблем банду покидает гитарист Awe Donde...
Tarantulah сочетает в себе музыкальные влияния Motorhead, Municipal Waste, Bathory, Toxodeath, Disclose, Parkinson, Metallica, Sepultura, Rumble Militia. Большое внимание Tarantulah уделяют так же и текстам...

Only riff and riff, blast and beat!!!

Email: tarantulah2012@gmail.com 


Hi everyone!!! In this fucking great day our small and muddy distro/label present to you 15th ( the number is not an Jubilee but quite nice) release in the form of raw demo of Malaysia's band - Tarantulah. And this is 100% DIY hand made cardboard and fastened with staples release... Honestly, I'm fucking tired to make it, but I hope it was worth it... Oh, yes, you can find a little A4 placard inside it... And by the way, it is limited release - it is only 52 copies... Thanx Dad for cardboard and Alise for bending cardboard... =) Thank you all... Cheers!!! So... some information about the band...

Tarantulah formed in 2007 by Man Rabaxx (Vocals), Silentt Shoutt (Drum) and Awe Donde (guitar) in Kuala Lumpur but because of work and education and another different problems they continued to remain silent... without record any songs.
In 2011 year Rock Angel (ex Maradasutma, Night Off, Triumph Ov Fire, Lunar Moon, Heldrasil , Satanic Art) – Bass and Rusak Minda (ex Deadly Conspiracy, Sisa Toxsick) - Guitar have offered to engage in our band. Recording process was in our home studio in Ampang and Sri Petaling from January to May 2012. Awe Donde left us in May 2012 due personal problem. 
Tarantulah combines music from Motorhead, Municipal Waste, Bathory, Toxodeath, Disclose, Parkinson, Metallica, Sepultura, Rumble Militia... but Tarantulah always creates their song starting with lyrics

Only riff and riff, blast and beat.

Email: tarantulah2012@gmail.com 

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понедельник, 21 января 2013 г.


Feline Hello to everyone! 2013 year started pretty well ... and because of sudden inspiration suddenly the third number of a small art zine VIOLET CAT IN WONDERLAND have been glued!!!! A little pictures,a little photoes, a little poems ... this time it's cut & paste ...) again, a little funny and a little sad and a little personal ... But not me to draw conclusions))
So if you're interested you can download or request at EVIL PUNK RECORDS or through me))) violetalisa@yandex.by

Всем кошачий привет!!! 2013ый год начался довольно неплохо... и вследствие внезапно возникшего творческого вдохновения внезапно склеился 3ий номер маленького арт журнала VIOLET CAT IN WONDERLAND!!!! Немножко картинок, немножко фотографий, немножко стишков... на этот раз всё cut&paste...) опять немножко смешной и немножко грустный и опять немножко персональный... Да впрочем не мне делать выводы))
В общем если интересно можно скачать или заказать на EVIL PUNK RECORDS или собственно через меня))) violetalisa@yandex.by