вторник, 22 сентября 2015 г.

New Release of Evil Punk Records - Lunatii - Hope & Despair /2015/

Осень, депрессняки, психозы, бессонница, дожди, вытрезвители, перманентное похмелье и нищета, опадающая листва и полное отчаяние, боль, мрак и 22 сентября... Но всё же есть одна славная новость, а именно, наш 22-ой релиз в виде 2-ого альбома волшебной группы из вряд ли, такого же волшебного российского города...

Если вы не сдохли при первом альбоме, то вам предоставляется отличная возможность сделать это сейчас...


Autumn, depressions, psychosis, insomnia, rains, sobering-up stations, permanent hangover and poverty, fallen leaves and despair, pain, darkness and 22 September... Anyway, here's one nice piece of news, namely, our 22nd release of the second album magical group from, hardly such magical, Russian city ...

If you haven't dropped dead from the first album, you will have a great chance to do it now ...

среда, 9 сентября 2015 г.


My very first trendy publication with colorful cover functions as an interactive perzine, there are (true or fake?) moments about my lifeline which you can comment or like/dislike with a pen. #likeohneclick encourages offline, old-fashioned way of communication because the dear reader eventually needs to send me back the filled perzine so I can see his-her opinion about my personal life. There's an addressed envelop attached to the back for shipping. Call it perzine, mailart-shit, whatever.
500 ft/2 Euro

понедельник, 7 сентября 2015 г.

Slowly We Rot Zine

Slowly We Rot

Slowly We Rot #8
Issue 8 of Slowly We Rot is scheduled for an October-November 2015 release!
Deadline for promo submission, adverts and compilation booking: 
30th of September 2015!
For more details please email swrzine@yahoo.com
Please find below some new details on SWR#8:
- English written
- b&w pages professionally printed
- A4 size
- glossy paper
- traditional & extreme metal compilation included
+ Free Compilation CD!
+ Free Bonus Zine, Rotten Romania!
- Worldwide distribution
- interviews, reviews, Rising Demons section, Merchants of Death section + more
- genres promoted: Heavy, Thrash, Death, Grind, Black, Gothic, Doom, Dark
Ad-rates available, please get in touch if interested:
1/4 page
1/2 page
full page
Front Cover
Back Cover
2nd cover
3rd cover
Track submissions for compilation CD still open, but hurry up if interested! 
Bands already confirmed: Spine Crown (Brazil), Tyrael (Germany), Infection (Peru), Premortal Breath (Germany), Infected Chaos (Austria), Morthus (Germany), Designs of Chaos (UK), My Silent Wake (UK).

- please email first and ask for availability
- traditional & extreme metal only
- only good recordings (no rehearsal sound, no live recordings)
- symbolic rates if track accepted
Deadline for promo submission & advert booking:
30th of September 2015
Thanks for your support!
SLOWLY WE ROT #7 looking for more distributors, ask for wholesale rates or trades!
60 pages, A4 format, glossy paper, professional print + Free Compilation CD + Free Bonus Zine, Rotten Romania!!!

Featuring: Abhorrence, Azaghal, Brutality, Devourment, Esoteric, GBMC, LLOTH (in memory of Tristessa, Astarte), Nazxul, Overkill (first part of an amazing vintage interview about the beginnings of the band), Shape of Despair, Varathron...
...and also: 0, Arthedain, Department of Correction, Excimer, Krampus, Metal Race Records, My Funeral, Nex Carnis, Nightbreed, Nitroatmosfericum Records, Pest Productions, Putrid Offal, Regiment, Rotten Music, Skan, The Pete Flesh Deathtrip, Uzziel, Trivax, Vargafrost, Whispering Woods,

- more than 200 reviews
+ Free Compilation CD!
+ Rotten Romania #1 / 2015, free bonus zine covering the Romanian scene, this time featuring: Concurrency in Knowledge, Costin Chioreanu, Decease, Dirty Shirt, Gothic, Kistvaen.
For wholesale rates and trades please contact swrzine@yahoo.com

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