вторник, 30 июля 2013 г.

четверг, 4 июля 2013 г.

New Release of Evil Punk Records - Аnneliese Мichel - The morning of a new day (2013)

Hi friends!!! Evil Punk Records presents for your attention our new seventeenth release... and this is the band from Udmurtia, Glazov city, that is in the western part of the Middle Urals... So, Аnneliese Мichel - The morning of a new day (2013). Me and Alisa toiled again and made fucking great envelopes from that carton, but a little different... in this envelope, of course, cd-r and lyrics... Edition 30 copies...
And a little history of the band from this guys:

We have gathered in the cold January of 2012. Initially, band include next members: Zelenyi (drums), Kashtan (bass), Antik (guitar) and Clueshka (voice). Anntik was writting music, words - Clueshka. During one of the first rehearsals we have made video for the song "Freedom", which happened to notice one of our friend and he invited us to concert in Kirov, for opening for screamo team Namatjira. After the concert, our rehearsals have become much rarer, it was caused by the fact that Clueshka was in Izhevsk and couldn't come to Glazov every week. After the concert in March, when in Glazov were passing BF-6, Clueshka left the band. Kashtan and Antik become vokal, and it was decided to rewrite all the lyrics, that anyone was not insulting:) In this line up we play till this time. For this year we recorded album and a little EP. In our music we trying to combine different music styles (neocrust, postmetall, screamo, punk), texts affect both social and mystical and post-apocalyptic themes. All members adhere to the antifascist and antiauthoritarian views.