среда, 31 декабря 2014 г.

Good luck, happiness and boundless magic in the new horned year!!! / Calendars 2015!!!

In honor of his year, horned have printed so magical miracle calendars ... Happy owners of these calendars protect themselves from the fucking influence of this abortive world and throughout the year, will be under the dark devil's protection and nothing of fucking bullshit will not frightening to you ... Happy new horned year, it should be easy and incredibly productive mega lucky in all respects ... Good luck, happiness and boundless magic in the new horned year!!!

В честь своего года, рогатый напечатал вот такие вот волшебные чудо календари... счастливые обладатели этих календарей обезопасят себя от хуёвого влияния сего неудачного мира и весь год, будут находиться под тёмной дьявольской защитой и никакая блядобыдлохуетень вам не будет страшна... С новым рогатым годом, он должен быть просто мегаудачным и невероятно продуктивным во всех отношениях... Удачи, счастья и безграничного волшебства в новом рогатом году!!!

четверг, 18 декабря 2014 г.

New Release of Evil Punk Records - Lunatii - ...and all this... (2014)

Вскрывайтесь, вешайтесь, травитесь, выходите в окна... сделайте уже наконец хоть что то, чем сможете, блядь, гордиться.., потому что сам дьявол на своих чёрных крыльях принёс для вас двадцать первый релиз Evil Punk Records... Шагните на встречу тьме, шагните в тёмную пропасть и танцуйте, танцуйте, блядь, ведь это так весело!!!

Open your veins, hang yourself, get poisoned, jump out the windows ... finally do something what give fucking reason to be proud .. because the Devil on their black wings brought to you the twenty-first release of Evil Punk Records ... make a step to meet the Darkness, make a step into the dark abyss and dance, dance, damn, it's so much fun !!!

среда, 3 декабря 2014 г.

New Release of Evil Punk Records - Бунт Ради Бунта - "Время Право Ждений Ада" (2014) !!!

Двадцатый юбилейный релиз от нашего мегаподпольного, супердиайваного и злобного панк лэйбла!!! Мощнейший альбом от одной из самых неординарных, старейших и беспощаднейших групп беларуси, которая уже почти пятнадцать лет, словно адский бульдозер, сквозь двуногое дерьмо пробивает себе путь к ебеням с этой планеты!!! Сие творение вырвет, разорвёт на мельчайшие куски и разбросает по вселенной ваш заплывший, затуманенный модой и прочим быдляцким дерьмом мозг!!! Да будет Бунт, да будет Бунт Ради Бунта!!!

The twentieth jubilee release of our mega underground, super diy and evil punk label !!! Powerful album from one of the most extraordinary, the oldest and ruthless bands from Belarus, which almost fifteen years, like infernal bulldozer, makes its way through a two-legged shit out from this planet !!! This creation will snatch, tear into a small pieces and throw about of the whole universe your fucking brain, which swollen and blurred away of fashion and other goddamn shit !!! Let it be Revolt, Let it be Revolt for the sake of Revolt!!!

среда, 23 апреля 2014 г.

Crise Total-new line-up 2014-onwards

Hi guys,we're happy to inform you that  the band is now on another phase with our old friend Paulinho replacing our other even older friend founder member Rui Rocker,we thought a lot about if we should keep going and ended up agreeing that it does make sense to keep at it,Rui would've wanted it as do we all!So here is a picture of the new line-up and a video from our last gig on April the 13th with us covering an old Ku de Judas track in order to pay homage to many that have fallen these last few months amongst them Rui Rocker,Joao Ribas,Pat Fear and many more,may they all rest in peace!!!
picture-left to right:Rattus-bass/Paulinho-guitar/Jonhie-drums/Manolo-vocals

вторник, 11 марта 2014 г.


crust'N'grind punk from Belarus:
Band's info / music / etc:

crust noire from Germany:
Band's info / music / etc:

It is not obligatory to stick exactly to this plan. If you could help us with gigs in some other cities on our way or you know someone who can help, please, contact us.

30.08 [NEED HELP!] Poland, Warsaw
31.08 [NEED HELP!] Poland, Szczecin, Poznan / Germany, Berlin 
01.09 [NEED HELP!] Germany, Hamburg
02.09 [NEED HELP!] Germany, Flensburg
03.09 [NEED HELP!] Denmark, Copenhagen
04.09 [NEED HELP!] Sweden, Gothenburg
05.09 Norway, Oslo «Barrikaden» Squat Birthday Party [Day 1]
06.09 Norway, Oslo «Barrikaden» Squat Birthday Party [Day 2]
07.09 [NEED HELP!] Finland, Turku
08.09 [NEED HELP!] Finland, Tampere
09.09 [NEED HELP!] Finland, Helsinki
10.09 [NEED HELP!] Finland ...
11.09 [NEED HELP!] Estonia, Tallin
12.09 [NEED HELP!] Latvia, Riga
13.09 [NEED HELP!] Lithuania, Vilnius

We are 9 people from PARTiYA + VICTIMS OF CLASSWAR (2 bands) and several people of support.
We have backline for guitar and bass.
We would like to get some money as we need to pay for roads and petrol and we need some food, drinks and sleeping places. 
Send your answers on the e-mails:
okpunkrock@gmail.com - Mysh | PARTiYA
klartsha@aol.com - Klara | VICTIMS OF CLASSWAR
Please, repost this message to friends who can help us.
Greetings and thanks in advance! 
Hope to see you soon!

понедельник, 10 марта 2014 г.

Ignore Idols - 'Into two pieces' (2014)

The debut album of great Moscow punk band Ignore Idols - 'Into two pieces'
Ignore Idols is explosive guitar riffs, rocks the rhythm section, cool vocal and acute social texts about the things that surround us every day, even if we don't notice it. This music is at the intersection of styles , which incorporates the whole musical experience and the piece of the soul of each of us.
It is a way to reach people, who hidden in a sealed shell and only occasionally looking at the world through the eye slits. 
This is an attempt to change something around us to cause a chain reaction and cover the whole world. Because one single person can't make the world better, but we all - can. 

воскресенье, 2 марта 2014 г.

"Culto del Cargo" (d-beat/hardcore) - New 7inch for free (2014)

Hi, this is “Culto del Cargo”, d-beat/hardcore band from Italy.We're active since 2010 and we have released in 2014 our new 7inch EP.

You can download it for free here: www.cultodelcargo.com
Feel free to publish it on your website/blog and share it with whoever.
No copyright.D.I.Y. attitude.

понедельник, 24 февраля 2014 г.


HI folks,after the tragic death of our founder member Rui Rocker in November we thought a lot about if we should remain as a band/subversive entity and at first it seemed a bit pointless but now I think we've all realized that he would've wanted us to keep at it so along with Rastilho we're releasing a split with Brasilien chaos purveyors Periferia S.A. with the last recording done with him as out guitarist.WE are also having a mini-tour with a invited guitar player for the time being,maybe he'll stay with us maybe not,we have not crossed that bridge yet!The crisis continues...