четверг, 2 февраля 2012 г.

Kraykulla and the GypsyFuckers !!!

we play street punk with engaged/personal lyrics about street life,against paedophilia,friends lost on drugs,inner revolution etc...we did demo album called ulične rapsodije(street rhapsodies)in january 2012.itconsist of 8 songs sung in our croatian language but translations are available if someone asks us what songs mean.i must say that our band does not support racism,nazism,fascism,homophobia,nationalism...i hope you will enjoy these links and demo is free for download and we also share the cd version free for everyone interested..our hometown is čakovec small town in the north of croatia...we had 3 gigs so far but we also played in other bands before so we have some gig experience...enjoy...kraykulla.

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