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Brighton scene!!!

Brighton has always had a strong vibrant underground music and art
scene and there are loads of bands,projects and artists and venues and
labels,I'm only gonna mention the alternative music scene...Amongst
its most famous exports are what remains of the ashes of Theatre of
Hate(London originals but now resident in Brighton)Spear of
Destiny,also a Brighton resident is Chelsea's frontman Gene October
and he told me they're getting together for a couple of gigs here in
town and also the coming Rebellion festival in the summer with the
"Evacuate" album line-up,that will be a blast!Also still doing the
rounds are probably the city's most famous Punk band Peter & The
Test-Tube babies,as for that great band Poison Girls they're sadly
missed but obviously not forgotten...Now for the newest generation of
rebels with a cause are bands like Burnt Cross and Constant State of
Terror wich fly high the anarcho-punk flag and in the case of the
latter a slight crustie influence can be noted in their sound as
opposed to the Crass and affiliates type of sound that Burnt Cross
diffuse through the several means of communication...Also we have
Dollar Sent that owes its credentials to a more garage/punk genre but
are a must to see live...Now as for The Meow-Meows Ska is the dish
being served Bon-Apetite,speaking of Ska but with lashings of
hardcore/punk infused in its sound The Junk have been slowly but
surely gaining ground along with a faithful fanbase,now also of the
Punk persuasion but with a comic and funny outtake on life are Los
Mendozas,always dressed as Mexican wrestlers in their gigs they're a
band that you gotta see them to believe it and the sound damn it
rips!For those that like a bit more melody then maybe Corrigan would
be the answer and for the trasher that hides inside you one can always
rely on Crypsis to deliver...For the new hardcore legions of nouveau
kiddies then it'll have to be The Fallthrough,these guys don't mess
about!Finally Random Heroes are also worth mentioning...There are
loads more bands about but I think I've given you all the right
pointers as if you go to see or hear one of these then you probably
hear about others sometime too...As for venues places like The
hydrant,Prince Albert,Cowley Club and for the bigger gigs the Concorde
2 are the usual rendez-vous place and to buy records,cd's and t-shirts
I have to mention Buz and his store the Punker Bunker as he is also
one of the people that organizes events in town and has over the years
delighted many a folk bringing to town such great acts as The
Adicts,the Dickies,NomeansNo,etc...

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