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Crise Total - Portuguese Anarcho-Punk !!!

In conjunction with http://www.nacion-libre.net we have put on
their site 2 of our cd's up for FREE download,the '96 "E a crise
continua..."released by Fast'n'Loud and also our 25th aniversary live
cd with recordings done in the early '80's at the Rock Rendez-Vous
venue "Bem viva no R.R.V.",so if you want them feel free to get
them,it has been put together in one zip folder to make it easier to
download,both artworks are in there...ACT,RESIST'N'FIGHT!!

Info & Download Page:

It's already out the split 7" between veteran HC/Punk bands White Flag
and Crise Total!
Both were born in 1983 and both are a reference of the International
Punk scene.
The Americans White Flag who are LA natives have visited Europe quite
a few times and have in their portfolio tenths of releases and have
over the years crossed ways with such bands as Social
Distortion,Germs,Bad Religion and the Melvins amongst many
others,their shows always marked by their polemic posture and their
thought provoking themes,3 tracks that show them at their best.
As for the Portuguese Crise Total,a cult band from the Portuguese
underground and pioneers of the Anarcho-Punk Movement in that country
we have here their first record with their new line-up since 2008 with
original members Manolo(vocals) and Rui Ramos(guitar) and the new
recruits Rattus(bass) from Albert Fish and Johnny(drums) from
Asfixia,Simbiose,2 tracks showing their anti-capitalistic/political
stance as always.
Edição/Released by: Zerowork Recs, Can I Say Records, Your Poison
Records, Oi! Shop.
Mail order(5 Euros+post):zerowork@hotmail.com

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