вторник, 17 июля 2012 г.

Gyalázat - Utópia vagy valóság (2012)

Beautiful soundtrack for going to work in the morning. Even if it's spring.

Gyalázat is a crust/grindpunk band from Győr. I was sure that this band doesn't exist anymore but they have a new singer and now here's their new ep. The music doesn't changed: Fast, raw d-beat hardcorepunk with simple lyrics about the problems of the modern society. I like personal lyrics more but it's a fact that this type of lyrics fit better to this music. This forms an explosive mixture. The records' sound quality is awesome, as I know it was recorded in the drummer guys' home studio. Killer record, a must-have for fans of aggressive punk music.

Wolfbrigade, Discharge, Nausea



Two songs from they upcoming new EP CD!

Labels, get in touch: myspace.com/gyalazat

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